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About Us

When Bob Quinn started the Quinn Agency Real Estate in 1961, he began a tradition of excellence that resonates with us to this day. Bob Quinn's roots are in the Bangor Area. He graduated from John Bapst High School and the University of Maine before attending Georgetown Law School. He became a Real Estate Broker in 1959 and brought his talents back to Bangor.

At the Quinn Agency the concept of family is what we extend to our employees and sales associates and out to the customers and clients who come to us for Real Estate needs. Our agents are here to help each other succeed and sell a personal service. When we talk about Quinn Agency Real Estate as family we talk about quality professionals, satisfied customers and an eye for the future.

Quinn Agency is Family

The concept of family - as a group of kindred people - extends to and is embraced by the employees and sales associates at the Quinn Agency, and to the customers / clients who come to the Quinn Agency for their real estate needs.

The Quinn Agency works with a limited number of sales associates to create a good work environment with give and take situations, tempered by the basic prinicpals of decency, moral standards, and honesty. A real life application of the golden rule. Here we believe that training with an experienced sales agent is essential to any new agent's success.

At the Quinn Agency, family comes first and we are a business that sells personal service. We are an agency that believes that in order to be a successful real estate company, all sales associates should help each other to succeed.

The Quinn Agency has a philosophy of trying to be the best in service. With better than 60% of our business coming from previous customers / client referrals, we try to serve our clients with thoughts of future business. Our counterparts can be the biggest, we boast:

                                                                                       How much we serve, not how much we sell

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